The Creator Collage

A community of diverse digital creatives of all skill levels & styles forming one beautiful collage.

About The Creator Collage

The Creator Collage is an online creative community for digital artists, founded by artist and teacher Tracey Capone. 
The goal of the community is to provide a free online resource for digital artists of all skill levels, with experience in a variety of applications and tools. The Creator Collage is a friendly, non-judgmental environment where you can share work, ask questions, and learn new digital skills.
Tracey, along with her husband, fellow artist and teacher Joe Smigielski, are the hosts and moderators of the community, and look forward to meeting you!

Why is it Called the Creator Collage?

Is this a collage group?

No, though digital collage is always welcome!

The Creator Collage community is named as such because it's a diverse group of digital artists, bringing all skill levels, styles and methods of digital creation, together in one place.

Just like an actual collage, which is the sum of all of its beautiful parts, the Creator Collage is a community that's the sum of all of its creators; the talent, experience and knowledge they bring, and the beautiful work they create.

Benefits of Joining the Creator Collage

  • Access to a free creator community where you can come together with fellow digital creatives, share your work, ask questions and learn new skills.
  • A community that welcomes creators in all of the major applications: Affinity, Adobe, Procreate and more.
  •  Access to a live chat room where you can connect with fellow digital makers in real time.
  • Live events and workshops, where you can learn new digital creation skills along with fellow creators.
  • The Creator Space, where you can ask questions, share tips and tricks, and learn about iPad and desktop apps in application specific spaces.
  • Access to free digital assets for use in the Affinity and Adobe Suites, Procreate and more.
  • A free mobile app to access the community on the go, on your iPhone, Android or iPad.
  • A friendly, non-judgmental environment to share your digital creations, get feedback, ask questions, and more.